Our Mission

"Who Dares, wins"

- Winston Churchill

At Coloron, 'we dare' to differentiate our clients from their competition. We are unique in the market, by fully controlling in house the entire chain from design, sourcing, production, all the way to fulfillment to our customers' Full service company. Together with our experienced marketing team we constantly challenge our self to improve our service and product in order to elevate our customers' guests experience online and in-stores.

We have passion in our hearts for what we do, we have fun everyday creating and working for our clients. We understand, the more we can do for you, the more your customers buy, the more important we are to you, and your company. We dare.

Our History

ColorOn Jewelry Inc.
  • Founded June 2000 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Gemstone, Diamond & Pearl casted jewelry and gifts, in your chice of Karat Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry, customized for each client.
A&I Incorporated
  • Launched 2008, Intellectual IT Patented Systems
  • Uses our own intellectual IT platforms to work directly with our client's customers to produce special orders of custom jewelry and custom engraved items, all from our own dedicated shipping facilties to produce for our retail partners.
ECJ Company Ltd Hong-Kong
  • Launched January 2010
  • Two factories with combined production space of 70,000 square feet, empolying over 800
  • ECJ91 factory produces one of a kind special orders for our Personalized, Customized, and Bridal Configurator along with the sample line for our mass production orders.
  • ECJ80 factory produces mass production orders only

Performance - Accountability - Confidence

For more information, please contact our corporate office, 1-818-565-1100 to set up an account and request sales information.
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